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We are multimedia giants and engage in all forms of multimedia works ranging from video coverage, photo album, video/photo editing, bridal/baby showers to content development and capacity building.

We take pride in our work!

Our Services


For your video coverage, photo album, video and photo editing, bridal and baby showers you can rely on us for fine crispy quality. We convert your videos to versions playable in mobile phones with less space.

There won’t be a better and affordable place than us!

Content Development

Are you interested in owning a customised blog, writing good contents, and having less hassles with your site. See that you waste no time in contacting us! We guide you on how your content should look like. Reach us now!

Human Capacity Building

Here at Quintexe we train you on cinematography, video coverage, photo edit, how to handle clients and meet their needs, surfing for better grounds and discovering niche in the industry.

We stand by you!

Affiliate Program

We can’t go round the globe, and so for areas we can’t reach outside the country, we link you up to best places where you can be attended to with good and affordable services and rates. We hook you up with entity’s of moral and ethical standards.

We are not alone in this and so are you!

Our Portfolio


We at Quintexe we give our customers clear and crisp videos, add value to your money and make each of your videos prepared by us to stand out when compared to others. We also include subtitles if requested. With our high resolution cameras we make you feel the difference


At Quintexe our pictures are always in clear format, with the right colors, shades and temperature. We simply make your copies look prettier than ever using our state of the are digital cameras.


We are equipped with high tech facility having high resolutions and so our videos viewed on big screens leaves our customers in a wow! state.


We undertake this task where our customers come with already made videos in playable formats or pictures in softcopies and need them cleaned up and well tidied.


Where you are in need to learn an ad, then learning on how to give a clear crisp video should be your watch word and such we deliver you those crisp videos and how to make them.


We at Quintexe we give you good information that would help you channel your energy to profitable ventures. Please do visit out *blog* and see for yourself.


Soon to be wedded ladies have their moments, and from every bit they should ensure that those moments count and remain memorable. We make your memories and fantasies happen. We give you good pictures, nice poses and best settings to make your day colorful.

We believe that there is only one time to create that impression for that child. Having those moments on a clear crisp and elegant picture would retain and share the memory for a long time.


We understand that without the prerequisite training on how to be self reliant most individuals would find it quite difficult to lay their hands on a profitable handiwork. And as such we give mentorship on willing students and put them through thorough training to handle cameras and be the best in the field. No individual should be bereft of knowledge, we keep our students on current know how and  how to handle highly digitalised cameras to give customers the liquidity.


Content Development --------- 100%
Multimedia --------- 100%
Affiliate Program --------- 95%
Human Capacity Building --------- 97%

Our Blog






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Here at Quintexe blog we give you current news, trending updates, health and fitness advice, fashion and vogue updates, technological advancements, sports news, political and economical news, government and NGO jobs update. In general we render much more additional services as we pride ourselves to be good content developers…visit our blog..

Meet Our Team Members

Seiyifa Emmanuel,

Michelle Joy
Marketing Manager

Elizabeth Aziba
Executive Secretary

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